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Feminist Fallacies by Julie Bindel

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Thelnebriati · 21/07/2021 13:14

Julie Bindel has started a series of articles about feminism in The Critic ''which explores modern-day myths about the women’s liberation movement.'' The first topic is ''Empowerment''.

''A fool-proof test as to whether or not a particular brand of feminism is effective is to ask: “Do men like it?” If the answer is “Yes”, then we are doing something wrong.''

''Empowerment is essentially corporate-friendly, liberal feminism that challenges no one and allows men to not only maintain the status quo, but exploit women while they do so.''

OP posts:
Fallingirl · 23/07/2021 03:53

It is crystal clear that “empowerment” has very little to do with having actual power. The term usually crops up in an unholy trinity alongside “agency” and “choice”. I wonder if Bindel will be looking at those next?

As an aside, wasn’t Bindel one of the women labelling Posie right wing for criticising hijabs for little girls? Strange that she will (slightly) critique “the full face veil” herself while tearing another woman down for doing the same.

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