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Contraceptive Sponges

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ArabellaStrange · 20/07/2021 10:07

I understand that these, in what was their current form, are not ideal as a contraceptive, but having used them previously in the US, they did what needed to be done while I was using them.
Have recently moved in with my current partner, who will be getting a vasectomy in August, I thought I would order some to be shipped from the US, to use alongside cycle tracking, only to find that due to problems with their production line equipment, they have not been manufactured since 2019.
There were plans to move the manufacturing to India but then Covid.
But it started me thinking, loads of women have experienced issues with the contraceptive options that are currently available (personally used diaphragm when I was younger, used to get really bad UTI's, the pill both combined and progesterone only make me fat, kill my sex drive and turn me into a hormonal mess, same for the injection, had a coil which ended up in my cervix and had to be removed.)
I am pretty certain that the sponge has not had much development since the Today sponge became available in the 1980's.
Anyway to get to my point, I am dipping my toe in the water here, regarding if you lovely people think that a kickstarter/crowd funder might be something you would consider contributing to, in order to use technological progress to come up with something that works along the same lines but with a higher catch rate of sperm.
The reasons I liked it were that it did not impact on sex in any way, it could be used for up to 24hours and had no impact on the wider functioning of my biology.
88% effective is a definite down side but there must be a way to improve this aspect and its definitely better than not using anything.
It also takes having to rely on a man to do the right thing out of the equation and could therefore be very useful in situations of coercive control.
Another downside could be the fact that they are one use but weighed against the impact a whole new other human will have, in terms of carbon footprint and that kind of thing, strikes me as a lesser evil.

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