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Feminism: chat

Ayaan Hirsi Ali | Free Speech Nation podcast

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NonnyMouse1337 · 18/07/2021 09:22

I absolutely loved this long form conversation with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is so intelligent, articulate and does not mince her words to convey her views. So many angles that relate to women's rights and safety.

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Sophoclesthefox · 18/07/2021 18:41

Oooh! Just looked at the podcast guest list and it’s got some other very fab women as well as Ayaan. Have cued them up for a listen, thanks nonny


Sophoclesthefox · 18/07/2021 18:42

Posted too soon- I misread that it had Baroness Nicholson, which it doesn't so may just be one other fab woman- Helen Joyce. Still well worth a listen Grin


ResistantCrow · 19/07/2021 23:52

Love her!


NonnyMouse1337 · 26/07/2021 15:49

She also did a podcast with Coleman Hughes which was equally good.

Coleman Hughes on The Erosion of Women's Rights with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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