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Feminism: chat

Spacewomen | Edinburgh Science Festival 2021

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NonnyMouse1337 · 13/07/2021 23:28

Event from the science festival this year.

Nearly 60 years after the first woman was launched into orbit, we're on the cusp of an exciting new space age.

To mark this new dawn for women and the galaxy, Space Shetland’s Yvette Hopkins chairs a special discussion that brings together women working in the space industry from across the world to share their career experiences and hopes for the future. Featuring space medic Christina Mackaill, astronautical engineer Cassandra Mercury and Rocket Women founder Vinita Marwaha Madill.
OP posts:

NiceGerbil · 14/07/2021 04:16

Marking place to have a look thank you!


NonnyMouse1337 · 27/07/2021 23:11


OP posts:

Callmejudith · 28/07/2021 07:40

That’s very cool

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