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Feminism: chat

I was just musing on what a shitty little weasel Mr Jones is.

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NoGenderPleaseImBritish · 12/07/2021 13:43

Today we have him name check BJ for not speaking up about racist abuse (fair enough, he's the PM), but no comment on anyone else.

What he does however is retweet Sayeeda Warsi a woman of Pakistani descent tacitly blaming Priti Patel for the Engerland fans doling out racist abuse.

Warsi retweeted Patel's tweet that said this:

I am disgusted that England players who have given so much for our country this summer have been subject to vile racist abuse on social media. It has no place in our country and I back the police to hold those responsible accountable.

In other words, Patel said exactly what he wanted BJ to say, but it still wasn't good enough, because he only goes after women, so he just quietly retweets a woman of Asian descent, so he doesn't have to.

I'm not commenting on Warsi's comments at all. It's up to her. It's just the weasely way Owen uses a woman of colour, so he can't be held accountable for blaming another WOC for predominately white male violence.

And then there was this. My favourite.

It is now legally permissible to say that this British police officer kidnapped and murdered Sarah Everard.

He uses this tweet to have a pop at the police whilst ignoring that we have here is a case of male violence. The kind men do. That Cousins would have done exactly the same if he had been a baker and not a police man. That's not to let the police off the hook, but to point out that you don't use dead women for your fucking point scoring while ignoring who actually killed this woman. Not any police officer, but a police man. But I guess that would admit that makes are dangerous?

OP posts:

WarriorN · 13/07/2021 19:59

What do you expect from the bloke who sees trans men as men except for relationships purposes (and shrieks homophobia at any suggestion)?

Slippery misogynistic weasel of the twatty left.


MaudTheInvincible · 13/07/2021 22:31

He was called a lefty gammon somewhere at the weekend (here? twitter? Can't remember). I think this example of his racist misogyny shows how apt it was.


NotTheFunKindOfFeminist · 13/07/2021 23:32

I can't wait for the day that the tide turns on this issue and we get to watch the likes of LOJ doing a clumsy 180.

He'll still find a way to blame feminists though, always does.

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