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Another School with Sex Abuse - Ballet West

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BatmansBat · 08/07/2021 10:46

This was posted on the other school thread, but I felt it deserved its own thread.

One of the teachers, son of the principal abused young girls over a long period of time. School had to close.

There was another article which I cannot find which outlined how the victims boundaries were eroded. Basically, in ballet you need to be touched in order to be corrected with your posture.

I am so angry and cross today. And anyone trying to tell me that any boundaries should be eroded for girls can go to hell.

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Comefromaway · 08/07/2021 10:52

This is a good link with a video of one of the brave women interviewed.
It was an open secret for years apparently. Numerous people had attempted to complain and were shut down.

My dd had friends at the school, none of them were thankfully sexually abused although one suffered immensely in other ways.


BatmansBat · 08/07/2021 11:08

This is so shocking and I am feeling beyond sorry for those poor girls. I can imagine them starting school, all happy and excited and then leaving the school as victims of abuse.

And all the time women are complaining and being shut down.

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Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g · 08/07/2021 11:08

Shocking. Two universities cut ties with the place and say they reported their concerns over safeguarding to the police/local council, but it took ITV to finally get the evidence together.


BatmansBat · 08/07/2021 11:09

Cross post. Nobody cares about safeguarding so they? I am so upset and so angry this morning.

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Comefromaway · 08/07/2021 11:48

The only thing I will say is that JB has been arrested but we mustn't say anything that might jeapordise his trial. Linking to the news articles is fine as ITV did their homework legally.


BatmansBat · 08/07/2021 11:55

Ok, thank you. I will be careful.

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MrsOvertonsWindow · 08/07/2021 20:18

So awful and sadly not unusual. I've been involved with a number of independent schools who have had appalling sex abuse cases where adults congregated in 'networks' to access children.
The current attempts to reduce safeguarding and remove some groups of children from safeguarding guidance should terrify every parent.


BatmansBat · 08/07/2021 21:55

That is appalling MrsOvertonsWindow 🥲. Do you have any links at all? I had another thread moved to AIBU as I thought it was so important that everyone saw this.

So far there are three schools including this one with multiple teachers. I am just so upset about it all. I will try to post everything I can on the AIBU thread…

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