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Woman denied hysterectomy.

3 replies

AfternoonToffee · 05/07/2021 09:45

Yet again a woman has had to battle to be taken seriously over her health needs. Apparently she is not able to state that she doesn't want anymore children but it is absolutely fine to tell her to go and have more children to try to relieve it.

Waiting lists are one thing but yet again a woman has been repeatedly fobbed off.

OP posts:

Thecatonthemat · 05/07/2021 10:14

Extraordinary while some people think it’s a wonderful thing to allow hormones and “treatments” for young people that will make them sterile.


ElectricTreeLeaf · 05/07/2021 10:33

It is totally shit, endo is horrific and you do have to fight for diagnosis and the "treatment" is stuffing your body full of hormones. I underwent a chemical menopause in my late 20s to give my body a break from endo.

Why do they still call them "chocolate cysts" why don't they say blood filled? Stop giving it a cute name, they fucking hurt.

I was lucky, I was diagnosed over 20 years ago, managed to conceive 2 children naturally against all the odds and could afford to give up work which was the life changing bit. Endo is made worse by stress, the more stress you can remove from your life the better. I still have chronic fatigue due to my immune system constantly trying to remove the endo deposits.

It is sad she sees no alternative than the hysterectomy but treatment is just management, there is no cure.


MotherOffCod · 05/07/2021 13:29

I have several friends going through similar struggles to be taken seriously and get effective help with managing or treating conditions like this.

It’s shocking that it should be so hard to get this help.

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