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Unallocated rape cases scandal

3 replies

StarCourt · 29/06/2021 16:40

Has anybody else seen this?

Rape case scandal as more than 100 offences unallocated

The article says it is more likely 150+ cases and out of those allocated only 3% ever make it to court!

I am horrified

OP posts:

Finfintytint · 29/06/2021 16:44

Terrible. Many rape cases are part and parcel of domestic violence. How many women are being left in abusive situations due to inaction?


PearPickingPorky · 30/06/2021 07:03

Male violence against women just isn't a priority.

Not like men getting hurt feelings is.


StarCourt · 30/06/2021 12:04

I know it's true but just find it so hard to get my head around.

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