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First female to win race across America

8 replies

andyoldlabour · 29/06/2021 10:43

Something uplifting and positive for a change.
Leah Goldstein makes history by becoming first female cyclist to win Race Across America. The 52-year-old completed 'the toughest bicycle race in the world' in a time of 11 days 3 hours and 3 minutes.

OP posts:

OvaHere · 29/06/2021 11:01

That's great. Can't imagine what a tough ride that must have been.


thinkingaboutLangCleg · 30/06/2021 08:13

Congratulations, Leah!


EmbarrassingAdmissions · 30/06/2021 15:07

Amazing woman and what a lifestory!


AuntieStella · 30/06/2021 15:20

Women do really well in the ultra long endurance events - the difference between the sexes seems to vanish when you are looking at the crazily long races.

I know more about runners that cyclists, but if anyone wants another uplifting account, have a read about Nicky Spinks - one of UK's greatest athletes ever, who most people have never heard of - whose best runs came in later life after beating breast cancer


toffeebutterpopcorn · 30/06/2021 15:22

Hands up... who looked for a photo to see...?


EmbarrassingAdmissions · 30/06/2021 15:28

Hands up... who looked for a photo to see...?

No - but I've seen articles about her previously because she's ex Special Forces (Israel) and a champion kick boxer with a distinguished family history in it.

I've often thought a version of Taken would be so much better with her as the lead character.


MarkRuffaloCrumble · 30/06/2021 19:12


Hands up... who looked for a photo to see...?

Yup - was ready to roll my eyes, until I read the following posts!! What an inspiration.

PurpleHoodie · 30/06/2021 19:25

Congratulations to Leah Glitterball

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