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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: please comment on NICE draft guidelines

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EmbarrassingAdmissions · 28/06/2021 17:40

Given recent discussions here and how many women admitted that it took a long time (and sometimes after already giving birth to children) before they realised that they don't urinate from the vagina - please think about responding to these draft guidelines from NICE. The consultation is open until 9 August 2021.

Daily Mail overview is decent:

New draft guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) looks at how pelvic floor dysfunction - which affects thousands of women every year - can be prevented and managed without surgery.

Nice said girls aged 12 to 17 should be given lessons about the pelvic floor, including its anatomy

'[NICE is] keen to hear views from stakeholders and the wider community on these draft recommendations and would encourage as many organisations and people as possible to contribute to the consultation.'

Daily Mail:

Consultation is linked from the NICE article about the consultation:

OP posts:

334bu · 28/06/2021 20:09

Great idea.


PurBal · 28/06/2021 20:18

I have an over active pelvic floor and I only found out during pregnancy. The general guidance for pregnancy (from midwives and NHS websites, Start4Life etc) is to do pelvic floor exercises to to keep it tight with no guidance for those suffering with an over active pelvic floor. There is evidence to suggest that an over active pelvic floor can make childbirth more difficult, and doing pelvic floor exercises would make it worse. So in principle I support the notion, but there needs to be much better information all round.


EmbarrassingAdmissions · 28/06/2021 20:36

So in principle I support the notion, but there needs to be much better information all round.

That is exactly the sort of additional information that NICE needs.

A brief explanation of your circumstances and that there isn't information that covers your needs.

OP posts:

PrincessNutella · 04/07/2021 04:44

PurBal--You make a very good point. The pelvic floor is very complicated. Doing too many kegels is probably just as harmful as doing too few. It is absolutely the wrong thing for many people. Pelvic floor therapy needs to be available for those who need it.


5475878237NC · 04/07/2021 04:53

I have a weak but tight pelvic floor and have been misadvised loads by NHS staff following standard protocols and telling me to do more pelvic floor squeezes. Thanks OP. I will complete.

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