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The Feminist in Cellblock Y

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NutellaEllaElla · 27/06/2021 19:04

I want to recommend this documentary about an education programme in mens prisons in America that is based on Feminist literature. It's interesting! And the prisoners come across as very intelligent. It's fascinating.

OP posts:

WarriorN · 27/06/2021 19:30

Ooh thanks, something to add to the self isolation watch list.


ShoppingWomble · 28/06/2021 23:58

Thanks so much for posting this! Amazing film.

I loved Richie and Taina, especially when she said that "male feminists" shouldn't talk to women about this stuff but go out there and talk to their male friends. And her quote: "Justice looks like fixing what was broken". How much of this is about men experiencing trauma as children and not being able to deal with it.

They should play this in schools.


Etorih · 01/07/2021 16:21

Looks interesting. Thanks.

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