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Feminism: chat

Single men boast of rapes on global social network Game Global

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Clymene · 27/06/2021 06:24

This is a really revolting thing. A network of over 26,000 men who hate women, egging one another one to abuse us.

Some members share tips on how to choke, slap and “discipline” women. Posts advocate “lots of violence” and one advises: “You need to clamp down on both sides of a girl’s neck.” One member said he yearned for “the caveman days where I can thunk them in the head and f* them when I want”, adding: “Women all want it.”

Hopefully that link works. The Times has changed its share token thing.

OP posts:

EdithWeston · 27/06/2021 06:34

It didn't open as 'share' for me, so I can only access the first paragraph.

It's a PUA site, and I couldn't read far enough to see if it's 26k total membership, or 26k active users (bis difference in scale and reach between those two) or where it's predominantly based.

Is there any assessment on whether the stories their members tell are real?

Not that it matters one way or the other - they're either doing it, or fantasising about it, in a place where they can be egged on and encouraged. I doubt anyone in their lives will be telling them that it's a warped way of thinking that can become dangerous.

I think that by the time young men are able to access the Internet independently, it may be too late to teach them not to be creeps. And without that early foundation, it is much easier to get sucked in to this sort of stuff. Which is just as harmful as watching porn, but much harder to use filters against.


Deathsquito · 27/06/2021 06:42

Until we have some control and regulation over the vast Wild West that is the internet we are all screwed.

I know it’s probably not even possible, but I do believe that. Too much is being allowed to fester on there, and many young children have unfettered access to it.


Clymene · 27/06/2021 06:51

So annoying! They've just got rid of the ability to share their articles. It's the only reason I have a sub. Try this

I am horrified by what's out there too Edith. I have boys and I do talk to them about this stuff and keep an eye on what they're doing online but I can't do that forever.

It's the fact that this is so normalised that is so disturbing

OP posts:

Clymene · 27/06/2021 06:54

Sorry - deathsquito. Not Edith.

When I was young, blokes like this were sad loners. Now it seems there's no shame in this. And by saying that if they don't get sex, they'll all end up like Elliott Rodger is putting the onus on women to have sex they don't want.

Fuck us or we'll become homicidal maniacs.

OP posts:

Deathsquito · 27/06/2021 06:57

The phrase ‘strength in numbers’ comes to mind.

The internet seems to encourage awful people (pedos, rapists, racists etc.) to believe that not only are their vile attitudes right, but that they are actually acceptable, something to be proud of.


TheQueef · 27/06/2021 07:16

Second link works.

This is pernicious and dangerous.
Add 'The Game' to everything else a female has to navigate.
Normalised violence against women.


BernardBlackMissesLangCleg · 27/06/2021 08:13

Brown said: “We stop guys from turning into him. Just so we’re clear. Without people like us who are doing what we do, men either just sit alone in their rooms and die alone, or they become an Elliot Rodger type — that creepy man women are scared of.”


the attitude of PUA, that men are owed sex in some way, encourages men to abuse women. it's vile and creepy and dangerous


Tabasco007 · 27/06/2021 08:32

Well that was a grim read!


ToastofLandon · 27/06/2021 08:47

Not sure what to make of it to be honest. Could it be the next moral panic? Looking at the Game Global website, it seems not too dissimilar from the trashy articles you'd see featured in women's mags. E.g. 'Why she ditches you after sex' and 'Dates that lead nowhere'.

I'm not saying it's not problematic beyond surface level reading. But like any platform or community, I question how far reaching the problem actually is. Like everywhere you get the minority that spoil things for the majority.


WarOnWoman · 27/06/2021 14:26

ToastofLandon. You can call it a moral panic and minimise what's going on the Game Global platform and other platforms. The reality, however, is that it's going on in the context of street harassment, degrading and violent porn, sexual harassment that starts in schools, the abuse women get online etc.


Clymene · 27/06/2021 14:55

26.000 men chatting to one another about how to undermine and abuse women isn't moral panic, it's an epidemic

OP posts:
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