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Feminism: chat


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JellySlice · 26/06/2021 22:21

Anyone remember Tenko? I was in my teens when it was first on. Mum and I were riveted by it. I would like to watch it again - would I see it differently now, with a few more decades of life experience?

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CrazyNeighbour · 26/06/2021 22:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GoldenBlue · 26/06/2021 22:31

It was a very rich and com0lex series, I remember some of the heart breaking moments, the moral conundrums and the complexity of characters. I hope it was as good as I remember as I'm interested to rewatch now


picklemewalnuts · 26/06/2021 22:32

Yes I loved it! Some of those characters have stayed with me for years, though I can't remember their names. Very powerful drama. Very female- unusual.


MedusasBadHairDay · 26/06/2021 22:36

It's one of my favourite series. I've got it on DVD and also got the book about the making of it. From what the book said they came up against a lot of resistance making it, largely because of it being a primarily female cast. The idea that people might care about women's stories was clearly unthinkable.


BaklavaBalaclava · 26/06/2021 22:38

I looked for it recently and couldn't find it! Have memories of finding it amazing, would love to rewatch it and see how it stands up


menotastic · 26/06/2021 22:54

I rewatched it a few years ago. It was still great. You can tell it was made on a tiny budget, but some fantastic acting and gripping storylines. I think it was all up on Youtube.


hopeishere · 26/06/2021 22:58

I loved it. It's ripe for a remake.


thenightsky · 26/06/2021 22:59

I loved Tenko. I remember watching it with my mum and sister when I was a teenager. I wonder how it would fare if they remade it today.


CiaoForNiao · 26/06/2021 23:00

I watched a few years ago on my mums recommendation. It was fantastic. I'd love to watch it again.


LunaNorth · 26/06/2021 23:02

It’s going to be on Britbox, if you have a subscription.


Nitgel · 26/06/2021 23:03

I dont think it had poor production and think it's really aged well. They would muck up a remake


Iamthewombat · 26/06/2021 23:06

Yes, I loved it even at the age of 11 when it was first shown!

It was repeated about 5 years ago and I rewatched it. I like it just as much second time around. It is full of ballsy women characters just getting on with it and supporting each other. Brilliant.

We need more programmes like it. Oddly, on rewatching it reminded me of Call The Midwife, especially when Sister Evelina was in it.


BikeRunSki · 26/06/2021 23:07

I also watched it as a teenager, and found it fascinating. I’m sure a modern remake would be far too saccharine.


TidyDancer · 26/06/2021 23:09

Wow this was a blast from the past. I remember watching this as a child. I recall it being really well done so I hope it stands the test of time. Great to hear it'll be on Britbox soon.


Yddraigoldragon · 26/06/2021 23:09

I watched with my parents first time around. My mother was evacuated from Singapore, she remembers the bombs falling, Raffles etc. Cried all the way through.


EBearhug · 26/06/2021 23:09

I have it on DVD - didn't see it as a child, as we didn't have a TV (don't know if I'd have been allowed anyway.) I have a book called Women Behind the Wire about women in Japanese POW camps.


SlipperTripper · 26/06/2021 23:10

I bought my mum the box set about ten years ago for Christmas, after she said she wanted to see it again - I didn't live at home but after watching a couple with her she had to promise not to watch it without me! Spent ages at home that jan/feb! Brilliant series.


porridgecake · 26/06/2021 23:11

I loved that series. It was so good.


CiaoForNiao · 26/06/2021 23:11


It’s going to be on Britbox, if you have a subscription.

Oh thanks! I was going to cancel britbox but won't now!

FatCatThinCat · 26/06/2021 23:12

I watched it quite recently. It still made me cry.


thenightsky · 26/06/2021 23:13

I’m sure a modern remake would be far too saccharine.

Sadly, I suspect this is the truth.


Florabritannica · 26/06/2021 23:16

I loved it too! So much has stayed with me - making the hats to save Debbie and Blanche, Rose’s death, Dorothy and the Japanese soldiers, Sally’s suicide - such strong characters and storylines. As a young teenager I encountered so much for the first time.


MedusasBadHairDay · 26/06/2021 23:17

Yeah, I don't think I want a remake. It's rather they replayed the original so a new audience could appreciate it


Purplecatshopaholic · 26/06/2021 23:23

Awesome series. Must rewatch it.


Pebble21uk · 26/06/2021 23:32

Brilliant series - also watched it first time around in my teens. I think it was one of the first drama series that had a profound impact on me.

I think it's production values were pretty good for the early 80s - especially as the first two episodes were filmed in Singapore. The rest was on location in Dorset!!

It covered many women's issues which were really radical for the time - periods and lesbianism to name just two.

It certainly started me on reading far more deeply into the subject - I have a whole collection of books written by women who were interned by the Japanese (along with the aforementioned book about the making of the series!) They are often overlooked in WW2 history - seen as privilaged women who were too busy partying to notice the invasion. Their biographies tell a very different story.

If you every visit the Imperial War Museum in London, they have a quilt on display which was made by such women.

I actually think it would be great for a re-make (done properly) - with today's high quality production values and the ability to speak more openly and in-depth about some of the issues it raised, I think it could have the potential to be amazing.

I also think, comparatively to other areas of WW2 history, they are little known about and it would bring them to a whole new audience.

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