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Feminism: chat

Jenni Murray speaking at FiLiA 2021!!!

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Cwenthryth · 25/06/2021 21:07

Super excited to read in the FiLiA newsletter that Jenni Murray will be speaking at the conference in Portsmouth in October!!!

Can’t wait!!!

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WarriorN · 25/06/2021 21:11

Oooh fabulous!


Elisandra · 25/06/2021 21:12

Was she literally gagged on Women’s Hour? Why else would she not have spoken out? (So near to retirement)


Cwenthryth · 25/06/2021 21:41

I don’t know. Maybe there will be Q&A?!?

She has a book coming out in September about her personal experiences dealing with fat shaming.

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