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Is the Feminist Book Club Gone?

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SnoopyLights · 25/06/2021 20:53

I was looking for some posts I know I replied to, but the section seems to have gone.

Would we now post about Feminist Books in Feminist Chat, or in the normal book club area?

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AssassinatedBeauty · 25/06/2021 21:16

My understanding is that threads were moved rather than removed. So an advanced search might find them again. You could also try emailing Mumsnet to ask them directly.


AuntieStella · 26/06/2021 06:45

It's here

It only ever attracted 61 posts, so unless there is a different one lurking somewhere else, it's an idea that didn't really grow.

You could try looking instead in the 'What We're Reading' topic (newish name as all those topics were re-arranged recently)


SnoopyLights · 26/06/2021 08:03

Thank you Smile

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SnoopyLights · 26/06/2021 08:09

I've just looked at that one and it is a thread about starting a book club , but there was already a section of the website called Feminist Book Clubs.

The posts from that seem to be scattered through the Sex and Gender Debate section now, so they are still there but harder to find.

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