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Newsnight report on Zahid Younis (distressing news report)

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nettie434 · 24/06/2021 22:59

Watching the discussion on Newsnight about Zahid Younis. He has just been convicted of the murder of two women, Henriett Szucs and Mihrican Mustafa. They were vulnerable women who were let down by the police.

What really sickened me was that their bodies were only discovered when the police went looking for Younis, who had also been reported missing.

OP posts:

boogiewithasuitcase · 24/06/2021 23:08

Those poor, poor women. I can't imagine what their last days must have been like with such a man. They were both seriously let down by the police and by the Government who had cut police funding.


Gingernaut · 24/06/2021 23:17

The electrician who came to sort out the lack of power didn't go out of his way to report the smell.

Awful, awful case.

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