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Why So Many Young Men in South Korea Hate Feminism

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MurielSpriggs · 24/06/2021 21:32

It talks of a swing to the right. Parallels in the UK?

OP posts:
NiceGerbil · 25/06/2021 03:35

Interesting thank you for posting.

Quick thoughts as bed time!

  1. As women gain money power and so independence and so are able to have choice in whether and who they date/ marry. Women get more choosy and are more content to be alone rather than with a crap bloke. All over the world the effect is the same. Men don't think, I'll change to attract women. They sulk and think it's not fair. They want women back in their place.

2. I would like to see stats for other countries. I expect plenty would be similar.

3. On the same point. The male backlash takes different forms in different countries. The fact that mainstream het porn in the UK is essentially mostly about male sexual dominance and degredation of women being an example

4. No mention of the well known issue of hidden cams etc and the courts do nothing and there's been massive marches and women have killed themselves

5. This is all a bit isn't it awful over there. The form might be different but this attitude is seen all over the world

6. Seems to be more interested in who the men vote for really than the other things
OhHolyJesus · 25/06/2021 08:54

There are no parallels as far as I can see.

This is a recent thread with more background.

South Korean Women mocking penises - LA Times

WarOnWoman · 25/06/2021 09:14

This is a good background on how women are galvanising in South Korea because of sexual harassment, spy cams, lack of meaningful constitutional changes and much more. S.Korea's first wave feminism started about 2015.

The misogyny has always been there of course but it's been heightened by economics. Also, this article already shows how things were beginning to develop about 5 years ago. It's not new.

WarOnWoman · 25/06/2021 09:16

Oops. Forgot to put in the link about S. Korean feminism

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