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Feminism: chat

Woman’s Hour

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Thecatonthemat · 22/06/2021 00:19

I think someone in the team must be reading MUmsnet avidly. There have several really good items recently with even forbidden topics being mentioned, and EB has made some very helpful comments linking various themes. Meanwhile on mainstream TV we are being treated to the sight of alternative types in the name of inclusion despite them having little to say on the topic in hand. Anyway things have begun to change at WH, thanks to the board formerly known as feminism chat.

OP posts:

EmpressWitchDoesntBurn · 22/06/2021 02:07

It’s also brilliant to see Jenni Murray now able to speak freely. She’s tweeting about Jess DeWahls, the Fawcett Society & Maya Forstater.


WarriorN · 22/06/2021 07:23

I tend to give EB the benefit of the doubt. It's quite possible she's still reading and learning. I do know there are v GC women working behind the scenes at the bbc (met one at a feminist meeting!) I read here she'd written some rubbish in her book though.

However this idea to have more men on is grating a bit when they talk guff like the guy did yesterday.

Something about magnanimously tackling barriers to career choices and development after children and then throwing woke cookies around about there being so many different genders these days and he identifies as a man and therefore as a man... jfc. The other woman was good I think. I'd have to listen more carefully.

WH did a fantastic range of sex and gender interviews a couple of years ago, and also had a trans widow on. Yet to hear a similar level of depth on that subject.

I'm going to keep listening so I can actually critique it properly kind you.


Thecatonthemat · 22/06/2021 08:57

Yes Empress re JM. I think some of the programme is still worth a listen. More recently the full of extent of the effects of misogyny have been exposed and the sheer volume is there for everyone to hear about.

OP posts:

ArabellaScott · 22/06/2021 09:02

That sounds possibly a bit heartening [grumpily concedes on 'people's hour']


WarriorN · 22/06/2021 09:24

Off topic, but on, the Long View right now is about violence against women, history and now.

Also featuring the white ribbon org which is all about men making a commitment to stopping male violence.


WarriorN · 22/06/2021 10:42

Today's episode has been good. V female centred topics.


Cwenthryth · 22/06/2021 15:14

That’s positive to hear, I felt it was ridiculous when they didn’t cover the Maya Forstater judgement (whether you are GC/radfem, libfem or neither, you can’t deny it was an important ruling on women’s freedom of speech) and instead ran a segment on sharing bath water!?!

I liked Emma Barnett before WH, but she seems to be still treating every interview like a politician she needs to try and catch off guard.

Are there any particular recent episodes you recommend? I used to listen via catch up on the app.

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