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Valerie Bacot

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RickiTarr · 21/06/2021 21:09

I couldn’t see a thread about her yet. I feel as though she needs our positive thoughts and prayers. Poor, poor woman and her daughters.

OP posts:
RickiTarr · 25/06/2021 17:49

Yes, it’s basically their equivalent of the Crown stipulating that limitation on the sentence. It was obviously a huge relief to Valerie.

OP posts:
YouKnowItsTrue · 25/06/2021 18:35

Poor woman not only has she been through so much but also the press intrusion on her life right now must be horrendous. Just looking at all the cameras in her face and thinking she deserves some peace.

StrangeLookingParasite · 25/06/2021 20:24

This is brilliant. The prosecutor is basically calling for her to be released (given a one-year jail term with an added four years suspended, which meant releasing her because of time served).

NiceGerbil · 25/06/2021 22:01

Wonderful news!

GingerBeverage · 26/06/2021 06:50

Guardian article on the case

Bacot’s story is one of more than two decades of almost continuous abuse to which first her own mother, then other family members, and finally the police turned a blind eye. When her children tried to report their father to the gendarmerie, they were told to go away.

ArabellaScott · 27/06/2021 21:15

Thank god she has been released. I hope she gets plenty of support to help rebuild her life, and that of her children.

stickygotstuck · 28/06/2021 18:49

Excellent news!

No idea how she can rebuild her life after a lifetime of abuse by that piece of shit, but I so hope she can. And that her children get over all their trauma too.

Whistfulwisteria · 28/06/2021 19:37

Nathalie Tomasini, one of two lawyers representing Bacot, said: “A summons for liability for gross negligence has been filed with the Paris court in view of the many failures [of the state].”

Well absolutely. So pleased this is happening. This monster was given a free pass by the authorities and no one would know about it to this day if she has not picked up his gun.

It's outrageous that she has spent a year on remand.

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