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Feminism: chat

Cancel culture: Art sector 'absolutely' has free speech problem - on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Jess De Wahls

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ChristinaXYZ · 21/06/2021 20:44

Was covered on GBNews this morning - women seem more affected than men on some issues

OP posts:

ArabellaScott · 21/06/2021 20:47

Thanks, Op.

Also liked this comment:

'Stop using this soft language "cancelled", as if people were a train schedule, it is prejudice and censorship pure and simple.'


ChristinaXYZ · 21/06/2021 21:00

I think you're right to focus on the language.' Cancel' does sound as though it is due to 'matters beyond our control' as opposed to prejudice.

OP posts:

ChristinaXYZ · 21/06/2021 21:02

Just to add Jess has been covered again on GBNews by Michelle Dewberry

Be really nice if Woman's Hour would do the same.

OP posts:

334bu · 21/06/2021 21:09


ArabellaScott · 21/06/2021 21:10

Woman's Hour is to be renamed to People's Hour.

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