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Feminism: chat

Are schools really so desperate for teachers that this shit is acceptable?

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UhtredRagnarson · 19/06/2021 18:25

Teacher makes a totally inappropriate comment to a pupil. There could have been absolutely no doubt in the teacher’s mind that this was inappropriate but apparently “it was just a joke” means it’s fine.

Same teacher also had an inappropriate relationship with another pupil and engaged in inappropriate contact with a pupil’s aunt.

But this is all fine, he can carry on reaching our daughters because “it’s in the public interest to keep him in the teaching profession”


Does the public not include the actual children that will be exposed to him?

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ObviousNameChage · 19/06/2021 18:34

I'm more concerned about the relationship with the pupil and the pathetic excuses of "innocent,naive" , "didn't realise" .

Yeah,sure. Nearly 900 emails ... totally clueless.


TurquoiseBaubles · 19/06/2021 18:35

He sent 898 emails to a single student, and it seems he was only teaching there for two years.

That's an awful lot of help for one child; If he was to do that for all his students he'd be sending a couple of hundred on every school day.

Doesn't leave much room for teaching. Quite apart from the other "inappropriate" behaviour Hmm


UhtredRagnarson · 19/06/2021 18:37

Yes he’s just a naive man. Of course Hmm 900 messages because he just wanted to help her with her German. That’s 100 messages a month over a school year.

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