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The first woman to..

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Soubriquet · 19/06/2021 13:13

I’m reading a fictional book and in it is a woman who is the first to be a judge and how the people actually despise her for it (not what the book is about. Just a part of it)

It got me thinking. I wonder how the women who was the first to be a judge, police, army, pilot felt.

How much hate and abuse they must have got for going into “mans work”

I’m glad they did, because of them, we are able to work in what field we like

OP posts:

EndoplasmicReticulum · 19/06/2021 13:38

The first women to study medicine at Edinburgh university.


Thelnebriati · 19/06/2021 13:49

I don't think anything has changed. There are still women who are ground breaking in their field, and they still face harassment.

This is from 2019;
Virginia's first black female police chief says she was forced to resign

Google any career plus female plus sexual harassment and see how many hits there are;
''Coast Guard women describe systemic abuse''
..a survey published last July showing that almost half of female cadets at the Coast Guard Academy reported sexual harassment.


Soubriquet · 19/06/2021 13:56

Oh yes I agree. Some careers are still very controversial for women to go into, but they were still fielded by the first woman to do it

OP posts:

JellySlice · 19/06/2021 14:39

Read about Elizabeth Garret Anderson.


SpindleWhorl · 19/06/2021 14:43

You feel very alone, unusual, and under pressure to perform in a way that men don't.

In fact your whole working day can become performative because of the way other people treat you.


Thelnebriati · 19/06/2021 23:45

The link I posted is about the first woman to qualify as a US Coast Guard helicopter rescue swimmer, she qualified 20 years ago.


334bu · 20/06/2021 07:47
The first woman to run the Boston Marathon.

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