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Pornhub removed from Instagram and lawsuit filed

12 replies

OhHolyJesus · 17/06/2021 16:33

From Laila Mickelwait


"MAJOR LAWSUIT FILED TODAY!! MindGeek/Pornhub was sued by Serena Fleites and 33 women under civil RICO law for racketeering, child pornography and sex trafficking.

The complaint reads like a highly disturbing mafia crime novel…but it is all true.

Shut it down and lock them up."

OP posts:

justanotherneighinparadise · 17/06/2021 16:36

Now Reddit need to get rid of all its disgusting and creepy forums.


vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 17/06/2021 16:38


OhHolyJesus · 17/06/2021 16:38

I could be hopeful and believe this is the beginning of the end for widespread online porn.

I won't hold my breath but I will use it to cheer Laila. She has been and continues to be relentless.

OP posts:

PicsInRed · 17/06/2021 16:40


NutellaEllaElla · 17/06/2021 16:43

Amazing. They've considered themselves to be above the law for too long.


OvaHere · 17/06/2021 17:03

Oh wow. About time.

Laila is a Star


ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 17/06/2021 17:06

I wish them every success.


QuentinBunbury · 17/06/2021 17:42

I hope they win. That article is shocking


jellybeansforbreakfast · 17/06/2021 17:54

He said that illegal content was seen as "good" for business. He agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity. He fears retribution... MindGeek often moved it to one of the dozens of other porn sites it owned. "Removed content popped up on all their other sites and no one really cared," he said.

Well, they can spend the next 10 years tracking it all down and deleting it then, can't they?

Fucking furious doesn't cover it!


OhHolyJesus · 18/06/2021 07:45

[quote MargaritaPie]Sorry to ruin the party, but:[/quote]
FFS. That was short lived.

OP posts:

MrsOvertonsWindow · 18/06/2021 07:52

This might be a good place to remind others about CEASE and what it is trying to do to make it more difficult for children to access illegal porn:

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