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Feminism: chat

Peter Tatchall - talk me down?

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whatnow41 · 17/06/2021 11:05

Too niche for AIBU I think, but AIBU? Company wide email today celebrating important figures in LGBT history and progressing LGBT rights. He's included.

Now he has done a lot to progress LGBT rights, but I find his inclusion so offensive because of his known links and support of pedophilia. Do I point this out to the straight well meaning person who put this email together? I'm part of the company LGBT network and honestly don't know how others feel about this. Just feel angry that this guy is being celebrated along when other more deserving people are missed out (only so many you can mention, so why him?)

Using all my strength not to hit reply all with a brief synopsis of everything else he is known for!!

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OneEpisode · 20/06/2021 18:39

The Debbie Hayton interview on GBNews was recommended here. It was on the Andrew Doyle “Free Speech Nation” which I might watch again if they managed to find a woman to appear on it. Tatchell was interviewed. Interesting figure from history.

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