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‘Spycam’ sex-crime epidemic driving women to suicide in South Korea

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ChristinaXYZ · 16/06/2021 10:35

"The South Korean government is facing fresh calls to take urgent action over an 'epidemic' of spycam sex crimes that are ruining women’s lives and tragically leading to deaths by suicide.

A new investigation released on Wednesday by Human Rights Watch casts a confronting spotlight on the trauma of victims of online sexual violence, where images captured without consent are shared non-consensually, or sometimes manipulated or faked.

South Korean women and girls have been struggling for years against a growing problem of voyeurism and a rise in digital sex crimes, including the use of high-tech equipment known as “spycams” to take illicit intimate pictures, leaving many afraid of using public facilities like bathrooms.

The misuse of spycams is so prolific it has been dubbed an “epidemic” and it prompted tens of thousands of women to march in Seoul in 2018 in a wider protest against entrenched misogyny and a lack of gender equality."

From article in today's Telegraph

OP posts:

Erikrie · 16/06/2021 10:36

I can't read it sadly. Anyone got a share token?


ChristinaXYZ · 16/06/2021 10:53

OP posts:

OvaHere · 16/06/2021 10:57

In one disturbing case highlighted by the report, a woman called Lee Ye-rin describes how she was given a clock by her employer, only to discover after it had been in her bedroom for a month that it contained a hidden camera that had been streaming constant footage

Fucking Hell. Angry Sad


ArabellaScott · 16/06/2021 11:00

God almighty.

We used to have a couple of S Korean feminists on here now and again, anyone still around?


ArabellaScott · 16/06/2021 11:03

'Digital sex crime' - a whole new way to abuse women. Fab.


Roomba · 16/06/2021 11:03

There's a Stacey Dooley documentary about this issue on iplayer at the moment - I watched it the other day.

It is terrifying how often this is happening and how difficult it is to spot these tiny cameras. They can be hidden in almost anything. It made me never want to leave the house again! She spoke to the family of one poor women who killed herself after being a victim and it was heartbreaking.

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