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Feminism: chat

Sexual harassment in the street - be braver than you were yesterday

9 replies

Leafstamp · 13/06/2021 08:00

Here’s a brave woman. Good for her.

Worth watching the video as there is further commentary from a cycling engagement officer:

OP posts:

2020isnotbehaving · 13/06/2021 08:12

They are taking about it on LBC now.


2020isnotbehaving · 13/06/2021 08:17

Though this women speaker is saying “ women are the weaker gender” no I think you are confused with Sex!


334bu · 13/06/2021 09:08

She is quite right that it puts women off cycling. Constant comments made me stop. Wish I had been braver.


BilindaB · 13/06/2021 09:13

Street harassment should be a crime.


MouseyTheVampireSlayer · 13/06/2021 10:01

Whilst I would love to challenge men who do this, the fact is women shouldn't be encountered to enter confrontation with these men. They're running the risk the aggression leads to violence.
What we actually need is to be able to report instances and number plates and for the police to follow up and fine if appropriate.

Pigs might fly.


DialSquare · 13/06/2021 10:09

I was sat outside a restaurant on Thursday night and a van drove past blaring music. As it disappeared, I had the usual 'what a prick' conversation with my partner, all of a sudden we could hear the music getting louder again. He had turned around and was coming back. As he went past, he slowed down to shout something out to a woman cyclist in the Cycle Lane. So he had seen her and deliberately turned around to harass her. What a prick indeed.


Erikrie · 13/06/2021 11:02

The problem being that women often face even more, potentially violent, repercussions when they call it out.


Leafstamp · 13/06/2021 11:07


The problem being that women often face even more, potentially violent, repercussions when they call it out.

I agree this is a problem. Which is why more men need to call it out if they hear it too.
OP posts:

Whatwouldscullydo · 13/06/2021 11:44

My dd just informed me today that yesterday she and 2 friends were harassed 3 times in the one day. First time by some.preacher guy who kept yelling Jesus loves u then that he hates her then Jesus loved her again. Then they ( 2 girls 1 boy) were harassed by a group of teenage boys in the park , and on the way home some guy yelled something out his car at her.

Apparently the other say while walking her sister to their dad's house someone yelled "emo bitch" at her out their car. She's 14 akd her sister is 10 .

I've " checked in " befire and she's never said anything but today she said that there's been lots of this shit Angry

Shes asked a couple to leave her alone or told them to piss off but I can't encourage her to do that Sad

I wish there was something we could do but we all know this is going to be going on fir decades Angry

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