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Feminism: chat

The wondering womb

4 replies

bebanjo · 12/06/2021 20:26

Hi all, iv seen this book, I know it is full of misconceptions. But is it any good, interesting. I can only find a copy in the USA and it’s £50 with postage. Thanks.

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EmbarrassingAdmissions · 12/06/2021 20:57

It looks interesting - are any of the options here cheaper or am I overlooking something?


OvaHere · 12/06/2021 20:59

Do you mean The Wandering Womb? It looks like it's out of print currently so it might be a bit of a collectors item.

I haven't read it sorry, but someone else might be along who has.


bebanjo · 13/06/2021 06:01

Embarrassing admissions, that’s fantastic, thank you. Thought I’d looked everywhere. It’s on its way.

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bebanjo · 13/06/2021 06:03

Ovahere, yes, that’s the one. On order now.

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