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Feminism: chat

Hate crime and misogyny

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Signalbox · 12/06/2021 09:21

This is interesting...

A man is being investigated for a "potential hate crime" for having an image of a kidnapped woman painted on the back of his truck.

However the CPS states that "the term 'hate crime' can be used to describe a range of criminal behaviour where the perpetrator is motivated by hostility or demonstrates hostility towards the victim's disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity"

I am just wondering how this clearly misogynistic behaviour would be covered by the hate crime laws when "sex" isn't included as a protected characteristic for the purposes of "hate crime"?

Also interesting is that this truck has clearly been driving around for at least 2 and a half years and on the last occasion it was brought to the police's attention it was the woman who sprayed "this is not OK" in removable hairspray who, whilst not charged with criminal damage, was given "words of guidance" by the police.

Police have launched an investigation after a pick-up truck was spotted with a "vile" image of a kidnapped woman on its rear.

Motorists were outraged by the picture of a woman lying down while appearing to be tied up in the back of the vehicle.

The truck was reported to police after being spotted at traffic lights in Trowse, Norfolk.

Norfolk Police say the matter is now being probed as a potential hate crime.

OP posts:

NiceGerbil · 13/06/2021 00:00

Fucking hell.

I don't know what to say.

But you know, if blokes want to do this sort of thing then there's no reason not to.

Maybe he said that any criticism was link shaming and the K is under the LGBTQI+ now.


DaSilvaP · 11/05/2022 15:09

No doubts that this is extremely bad taste, maybe this idiot showing his true nature, maybe only being provocative, maybe only a very stupid way to attract attention, no ways to know.
But I'm not convinced that dealing with this idiot should take priority over locking actually violent street muggers or caching dealers peddling drugs around schools.


Tamzo85 · 11/05/2022 15:13

Yeah it’s inappropriate but I don’t think it should be classified as hate crime against a sex as I think your opening a Pandora’s box and shutting down other discussion there. Maybe some kind of public indecency law? Like in the same way you could just put a massive drawing of someone being violently killed on your car?


MrsTerryPratchett · 11/05/2022 15:41

Either everyone is special or no one is.

The issue is that sex isn't covered but other protected characteristics are. Either hate crime is meaningful, and sex should be covered, or it isn't and every crime should be dealt with according to its merits.

At least he's advertising no one should date him. My DD seeing that though and asking? What a conversation to have to have.


Tamzo85 · 11/05/2022 15:47


The issue is that everyone will have a diffent interpretation of what is offensive and when you extend protected groups to male and female your going to get people complaining about everything - then men will counter complain to show the hypocrisy and so on and so on. And that’s just images - Christ the sexes would never be able to talk about each other at all either jokingly or in respect to issues/problems.

I get it as a means to protect tiny minorities from getting kicked about as an easy target, but hate speech as applies to sex means literally everyone in society is a protected characteristic.


MargaritaPie · 11/05/2022 16:13

This was 11 months ago. Is there an update?

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