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How to start.... a Campaign

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Thingsthatmakeyougohmmmm · 31/05/2014 20:27

Hi there
My friend and I have recently been introduced to feminism by mumsnet and Laura Bates in the Guardian. However instead of moaning and getting angry about everything (which we have been doing for about 6 months) we actually want to start a campaign now. We have our objectives and goals but don't know really where to start. Our end goal is to end up doing workshops in youth centers and maybe even schools, to teach teenagers about sex, relationships, consent, respect, boundaries and the realities (or not) or porn. Does anyone have any idea on how or where to start?
Thank you in advance.

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BillnTedsMostFeministAdventure · 31/05/2014 20:30

There is a poster who teaches PSHE in Scotland with this kind of slant. I will try and find her posts.


Disgruntledsouthkensington · 16/06/2021 17:49

Hello to all you mothers with paddling pool aged children! May I please bring your attention to the awfulness of having the children’s play area and paddling pool taken away from the Lido in Hyde Park, London. I am aghast that a bar has actually been built over the paddling pool. With a long hot summer ahead where will you be able to take your children? The ‘temporary’ bar/ barbecue is there until September which means the children will be devoid of a safe and secure play area for the whole of the summer holidays. Could you please write an email to anyone you think might be able to help us get it open again. With many thanks Carolyn

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