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Coil fitting - how painful will it be?

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Sheruns · 03/08/2023 08:54

OK please don't laugh at me. I have to start by saying I'm a completely squeamish wimp so please be kind.

I am having the copper coil fitted today. After lots of discussion with nurses and Dr I think this is my best option. I definitely don't want any more children, I can't take the pill (or one type anyway ) due to migraine. The implant gave me continuous random bleeding. The dr won't sterilise me- just didn't feel they took that suggestion seriously by me.

They've described the process to me and honestly it made me feel sick. I just keep telling myself it's better than another pregnancy and birth. They told me to take what I'd normally take for a headache before the appointment. Can anyone suggest exactly how long before I should do this?
Can anyone who's had this done reassure me?

OP posts:
WooWooWinnie · 03/08/2023 08:55

Take paracetamol and ibuprofen about 20mins before the appt. Mine was very uncomfortable (like a particularly bad smear test) but over in a minute or less. Felt fine afterwards.

Sheruns · 03/08/2023 08:56

Thank you. The minute or less part is particularly reassuring because the how long it would take was a question I forgot to ask. I will surely cope if it's quick. Thanks for being kind

OP posts:
AHugeTinyMistake · 03/08/2023 08:58

Same as @WooWooWinnie

It hurts like a clumsy smear but it's over quickly.

But you'll probably have quite bad period pain for the first day it's in & will need to keep topped up on painkillers

I got mine done intending to go back to work and had to go home instead. Next day I was fine

dementedpixie · 03/08/2023 09:00

The worst bit for me was when they test the depth of your womb before they fit the coil. Coil fitting is pretty quick. I went to sainsburys after mine was fitted and then drove home.

I did take pain relief beforehand; don't know if it helped or not.

PrincessPeaches123 · 03/08/2023 09:03

I had one yesterday. I'd read horrific accounts! I was expecting dreadful things but not much more than a smear. Ended with me saying "is that it?" Don't build yourself up.

youtwoandme · 03/08/2023 09:04

Honestly didn't feel me whatsoever. I had to ask "was that it? All finished". I've had two children so not really sure if that made it easier. Try to relax, worse case scenario it's uncomfortable, but it will literally be seconds.

AmandaHoldensLips · 03/08/2023 09:04

Take the pain relief a good hour beforehand - not 20 minutes. It needs longer than that to become effective.

It's not the most pleasant experience (if it were done to men they would get proper pain relief).

Very nice woman fitted mine and there was another nurse who was very good at hand holding and being cheerful.

Shinyandnew1 · 03/08/2023 09:05

Mine was extremely painful-they really struggled to get it through the cervix. I’ve had no vaginal births though (all c-sections) so that probably didn’t help. Paracetamol/ibuprofen didn’t touch it.

Cas112 · 03/08/2023 09:06

I literally didn't even feel it

Cas112 · 03/08/2023 09:07

Cas112 · 03/08/2023 09:06

I literally didn't even feel it

And I didn't take pain relief

doglover90 · 03/08/2023 09:07

My mum had one and she said it was absolute agony, worse than childbirth. So many women have had such different experiences with it.

Bonfire23 · 03/08/2023 09:08

I'm a wimp and the worst bit for me was the measuring
But at worst it only lasted long enough for me to say fuck, and it was done. Like one huge period cramp

Bonfire23 · 03/08/2023 09:09

Oh and you might get cramping afterwards so just keep taking painkillers if you need to, and a hot water bottle

catsnhats11 · 03/08/2023 09:10

The Dr warned me if could be very painful and I'm glad she did or I'd have gotten a real fright. Experiences obviously differ because unlike PP I found it very painful and had to spend the rest of the day on bed in pain. This is very unlike me btw so it's not that I have a low pain threshold, and I've never had a problem with smears which I find painless and fine, so for me it was nothing like a smear worse.

LaviniasBigBloomers · 03/08/2023 09:12

Fitting is pretty much the same as a smear, though slightly longer.

Agreed you'll feel a bit tender and crampy afterwards so keep going with pain relief and dig out your hot water bottle - don't plan going for a run or anything like that!

If they offer you local anaesthetic (a squirt of it up the uterus) then take it. Not all GP surgeries are licensed for this but well woman type clinics usually are. (And when it comes to removal and replacement, strongly suggest you go to a clinic with pain relief as I find that much sorer and a longer procedure.)

Try not to overthink it (easier said than done I know) because then you'll tense up.

Findyourneutralspace · 03/08/2023 09:12

I found it quite uncomfortable but they had some numbing gel they used when I started to struggle and that made it better. I’d check if you can have that if you are squeamish.

LaviniasBigBloomers · 03/08/2023 09:13

Also I'd be quite cross if anyone did laugh at you! How can you know what something's like if you've never done it before? Flowers

EggOverEasy · 03/08/2023 09:14

If you are anxious it is likely to be more painful. They can prescribe medicine to make it less painful/you less anxious. It is ok to ask for pain relief beyond what you get off the store shelf.

NewCracker · 03/08/2023 09:25

This is a hard one because pain is relative. I've had 3 coils and each one has been different.
1st one when I was 18 was awful.

2nd one the female doctor used numbing gel on the cervix, then injected the cervix with local anaesthetic. I literally didn't even know she had done it.

3rd was 12 weeks after giving birth and only numbing gel was used, it wasn't overly comfortable but I'd only just given birth, you could've knocked me over with a car and I still wouldn't have found that too bad 😂

667TheNeighbourOfTheBeast · 03/08/2023 09:35

Hi I’ve had four fitted and no vaginal births only C section and I found it a bit painful, but literally only lasted seconds. So worth it in my opinion as it totally stopped my periods which were awful. I took paracetamol I think the last time as I can’t take ibuprofen but I go along with the other lady on here who said take both. The last one I had done hurt the most but I am not in good health generally and I was 52 at the time and I think since menopause had less tolerance to pain. Im on HRT patches so this is why I still had a coil. I always had period type cramps after and had a hot water bottle and was in bed for a few hours then next day fine. Good luck and don’t feel ashamed to ask for pain relief if you want it ! Hope it all goes well x

RagzRebooted · 03/08/2023 09:42

I help fit them. We always advise take some pain relief beforehand and that there are a few painful parts. But it's just really varied. Some ladies only have mild discomfort, chatting away merrily as we go. Off back to work after! Others you can tell it's painful but not too bad. A few find it very painful.

I went off to have mine fitted a few months ago, totally blasé expecting an easy ride as I know the process, took my painkillers etc. It was horrible! During and for the rest of the day. But I'm prone to bad period pains, horrendous after pains from childbirth etc and just seem to have a very crampy uterus.

Fingers crossed yours goes okay for you.

pbdr · 03/08/2023 10:09

I haven't had a coil myself, but I'm a GP who fits them. I would say about 50% of women find it fine, just mildly crampy but overall a real anticlimax compared to what they were expecting. Perhaps 40% find it more painful but can grit their teeth and tolerate it. About 10% seem to find it very painful and sometimes the procedure needs to be abandoned. It's very difficult to predict how it will affect you. I'd take paracetamol and ibuprofen an hour beforehand, at the very least for the placebo effect of knowing you've taken something. Hope it's ok.

DustyLee123 · 03/08/2023 10:11

I laughed when mine had been fitted, it really was nothing, I’ve had worse smears.
I had a hysteroscopy recently, again, absolutely fine.

WorstBJever · 03/08/2023 10:12

I didn't feel anything. I have had 2 kids though. I took a paracetamol before and went straight to work afterwards. I took painkillers with me but didn't need anymore. Hoping the next one is as easy!

AugustFreeze · 03/08/2023 10:15

It was slightly uncomfortable. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Try telling yourself that it’s a couple of seconds of discomfort, and 5 years of bliss.

I was peri menopausal and in a really bad place. I was desperate. I had the coil fitted and 2 days later I was a different person. 4 years later I have no periods (after flooding every 2 weeks) and feel amazing. As soon as this one starts losing its effect, I’ll be straight in there. I don’t care if it hurts!

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