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Mirena side effects

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bealos · 28/07/2023 08:40

Symptoms I hadn’t expected from having the Mirena coil:

  • itchy scalp
  • rashes on all parts of my body
  • boils
  • thrush

I only discovered the link on googling and finding other Mumsnet posts - makes me wonder how/if side effects from hormonal contraception are being recorded.

Talking to friends some of them have had some of the above side effects too.

In some good news though my really heavy periods have stopped, after the longest light period ever (had the coil fitted in March, the bleeding has finally stopped).
OP posts:
bealos · 28/07/2023 08:41

Oh and sore breasts!

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holjam · 28/07/2023 08:53

The only real side effects I've had after having mirena fitted were spotting for an extended period-approx 4 months and the sore boobs.
I've now had it in 18 months and honestly can't complain about it at all.
Still have a regular "period" every 6 weeks or so but it's literally spotting for a couple days.
How long have you had it? Can you go back to your GP with your issues?

bealos · 28/07/2023 09:08

I've had it since March so that's 4 months. I'm prepared to give it a go for longer, up to a year, to see if things settle more.

I'm not sure what a GP could do about these side effects? Sounds like they are not uncommon. I've reported them on

I guess I need to make the call as to whether the side effects aren't as bad as the heavy periods I had before!

Yellow Card | Making medicines and medical devices safer

MHRA Homepage for reporting of suspected side effects or adverse drug reactions to any medicines or vaccines, as well as medical device incidents

OP posts:
bealos · 28/07/2023 09:13

@holjam good to know that 18 months in it's working well for you!

OP posts:
Mrsworried1 · 28/07/2023 16:59

I’ve had mine six months, had spotting the entire time, that was after the initial terrible heavy bleeding for 2 months, and now
after just lightly spotting for 4 months I’m having a heavy period I could cry. From what I’ve read it should have improved after six months.

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