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Where's my libido gone?!

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louloufaisy · 23/07/2023 18:10

Okay so background... I am 30 years old and in a happy relationship with my DP. We have 1 DD who is just coming up to a year.

We've always had a healthy sex life (once a week on average). Good, healthy, happy sex.

Throughout pregnancy it was good too....

Since giving birth though, I am JUST not interested. I stopped bf at 6 months and thought that my libido would improve but it's not.. baby is also sleeping so tiredness is not to blame.

I find I am just really going through the motions. My mind is on other things the whole time... I even planned this post whilst "doing it" just now! LOL.

It's sad because I used to feel so sexy/ horny but I just really cba these days. Don't want to be touched and if anything it just feels uncomfortable.

Has anyone else experiences this after kids?

Did it come back?

Any tips to help?

Thanks in advance xxx

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