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Family planning


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tayyaba123 · 14/04/2023 16:38


So I just needed some advice.

I have two babies under two.

My eldest is 13 months and the younger one is 5 weeks. As you can imagine I defo don't want anymore for the time being so I'm thinking of the best contraception to take.

I was considering the implant and have had mixed reviews in terms of it causing weight gain and acne and messing with your hormones so I've decided against it.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Any advice will be appreciated t


OP posts:
Morningcoffeeview · 14/04/2023 18:35

I used the depo for a number of years and have been happy with it.

Im coming off now because I’ve done baby making so have convinced DH to have a vasectomy. Plus I have depression and have read the depo and depression aren’t a good mix.

I’ve used natural cycles before (fertility tracking and temp) it’s 96% effective if used properlyx

IJustHadToLookHavingReadTheBook · 14/04/2023 20:16

I've found the mirena to be excellent, although it does have hormones in it, which may be a no go if you're trying to avoid hormone-based. I tried the copper coil to avoid hormones (I get migraines) but just couldn't get along with it, I bled so heavily I kept fainting. Luckily the mirena doesn't seem to have made my migraine any worse.

FlutterbButterfly · 14/04/2023 20:55

Another recommendation for Mirena Coil and if you decide to 'try again' once removed its all go, go, go.

Congrats on your beautiful babies, my gap is 15 months which is pretty close but yours!

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