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Mirena Coil Removal

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Kiki105 · 12/04/2023 07:05

My MC is 5 years old and needs removing but there was some resistance when the nurse tried to remove it. I've now been on the waiting list for 4 months to have it removed by a gynaecologist at the hospital. I could be waiting a very long time now and not sure what to do. Anyone else have some resistance when theirs was removed? It was painful going in and now I'm very worried about having it removed.

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yumscrummy · 12/04/2023 08:07

Had one inserted and removed at the hospital. The upside is that they can give you a local anaesthetic which helps. Still need painkiller for when it wears off.

Both procedures took about an hour and they asked me I wanted a new one put in at the same time even though husband had had a vasectomy. I don't think that most are that tough to get out. I get referred to the hospital for a smear too.

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