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Extreme urethra pain after coil removal

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parmohotshot · 23/02/2023 19:24

I had my copper coil removed yesterday and it really hurt when the nurse inserted the speculum. She was a bit rough I think, I've had smears and coil checks before and never felt pain. Anyway, she removed my coil and off I went. I expected some bleeding as I am due on.

I got home and went for a wee and my god the burning pain was excruciating! It burns so much when I wee and there is very bright red blood when I wipe. Now probably TMI but when I'm in the early stages of my period the blood is normally more faint brown.

It's not a UTI as I have had many in past years and I don't have any urgency or any of the other symptoms, it just feels like my urethra is injured somehow?? Has anyone else ever had this?

OP posts:
Luckingfovely · 23/02/2023 19:45

Poor you. Where is the blood coming from? Your vagina, or your urethra? (She shouldn't have been anywhere near your urethra).

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