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Depo injection - fertility afterwards and withdrawal symptoms?

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Littlelionroar1982 · 09/02/2023 22:12

After a traumatic pregnancy and birth followed by difficult baby due to undiagnosed allergies I regrettably went on to have 2 rounds of depo injection thinking it would be a long time before wanting another baby but our little one is coming up 2 and we’re ready! I was due another shot in December but didn’t have it and wondered how long people have taken to get their cycle back and conceive after as I’ve now heard it’s a long time. Also, has anyone had any withdrawal coming off it. It’s been 2 months since I was due a shot and this last fortnight I’ve felt emotional, weepy, down and also struggling with awful acid reflux like a lump in my throat and have read about some awful side effects or the injection. Can anyone relate?!

Please advise! X

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PotteringAlonggotkickedoutandhadtoreregister · 09/02/2023 22:15

It really suited me ( and still does - I’m still on it). I had no side effects with fertility; I had 3 children in 5 years and was back on depo between each of them.

DS1 was conceived 7 weeks after my last injection. DS2 took 13 months. DS3 6 months.

so, although it can take a while it doesn’t have to.

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