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Copper coil experiences

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dressingGowndiva · 06/10/2022 10:18

I had the copper coil fitted in June as the pill was causing weight gain and I wanted something more permanent.
It's been ok, periods are heavy but can manage.
But I feel and look bloated 24/7. I look about 3 months gone. (Negative pregnancy test) I'm really struggling to feel the strings too.
I need to wee a lot and feel I accidentally wee a bit more too, and I have what feels like period cramps all the time.
Could it be the coil?

OP posts:
Moodgie · 18/09/2023 21:24

@dressingGowndiva Hi there, I know this is quite an old post - I am currently experiencing similar things - I had mine insterted in May 2022.
How are you now?

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