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Family planning

does having sex everyday affect your chances of getting pregnant?

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girlshelpxx · 18/08/2022 19:00

does having sex every single day lower your chances of fallen pregnant? been told yes & no & i want to know the answer

OP posts:
OldTinHat · 18/08/2022 19:16

When I was ttc we had sex every day. Conceived the first month for both DC1 and DC2.

Mischance · 18/08/2022 19:17

Give the poor man time to manufacture the goods!

LilacSky95 · 18/08/2022 19:20

No it won't affect your ability to conceive. However if the only reason you are shagging every day is to get pregnant, there's not much point as you are only fertile for 2 or 3 days of the month, so having sex every single day for conceivings' sake is a bit overkill šŸ˜Š

ShowOfHands · 18/08/2022 19:21

If you're normally fertile then it shouldn't make a blind bit of difference to conception chances. You won't be making maximum number of sperm having sex that often but tbh, if you're having sex with a fertile man, he'll be making plenty anyway.

So yes it affects number of sperm but it shouldn't be a problem necessarily.

girlshelpxx · 18/08/2022 19:23

thank yous so much :) i was just asking bc we have sex everyday anyways not just ttc and i was thinking maybe that's why i'm not pregnant yet. as i've heard it's best to wait a few days for men to built up better sperm? i was thinking we would need to take a break on sex but that would be very hard for us lolll xx

OP posts:
LilacSky95 · 18/08/2022 19:42

I've heard people trying to sway for a certain gender will refrain from sex for a few days or whatever, but apart from that it wont make a difference x

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