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Breakthrough bleed on Marvelon

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Camzarella · 23/07/2022 07:59

Hi all,

I've just resumed taking the combined pill and about to go in to week 3 however I've started spotting and Cramping :(.

I get married 2 weeks today and then on honeymoon 2 days following. I'm worried the spotting will continue. I'm planning to back to back the pill in to the next packet. Has anyone had a similar experience? How long did your breakthrough bleed past?

I'm wondering if it's best to just stop taking the pill, take a period prevention tablet and use condoms on honeymoon.

OP posts:
Nospringchix · 24/07/2022 12:01

Could you ask to take a period prevention tablet in addition to the marvelon so you don't need to use condoms? Just a thought, there may be a reason that this isn't possible but it's worth asking.

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