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unknownlad · 05/06/2022 20:47

My Misus Is expecting and we soon going to have a girl.We are planning to have another one and we just thinking if we get a different gender how would we manage to afford because I am currently not sure wheter to go to a three bedroom or two bedroom.My Monthly Pay is £1400 from work and my misus is nearly the same as we work in the same company but she is currently working remotely but they have asked her to come back to the office which leaves us in a confused state because of arranging childcare after 1 year I am currently paying 900£ and my misus is paying the council tax and gas electric/food/clothes here in london and I am finding really hard to save.I have looked to places like up north blackburn etc but seems like if I move there I wont be able to afford car insurance on top of the rent .What advise can you give me ?

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Biscuitandacuppa · 05/06/2022 20:52

Well honestly full time childcare was over £1,000 in North Wales 10 years ago so I have no idea how much more expensive it would be now! I wanted more than one child but could only afford a two bedroomed house and be able to give my existing child a quality of life. Clubs, holidays, bikes, toys, birthdays, Christmas, clothes shoes… kids are expensive! So I only had one child because that was the rational choice.

Your only other option is to move somewhere very cheap, hope you can get a well paid job and save your butts off.

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