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Emergency contraception help!

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leopardlover87 · 29/05/2022 10:55

I stupidly missed 5 of my contraceptive pills and got drunk last night and had sex.
I had 3 pills left in the pack and has taken 1 yesterday morning.
I’ve read the copper coil is good for emergency contraception but where on earth can I get it? Thank you!

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erinaceus · 29/05/2022 10:57

You can get a copper coil fitted at your GP or a sexual health clinic, but is there a reason you would chose that over the morning after pill? The morning after pill is easily available e.g. from a chemist, and somewhat more straightforward.

leopardlover87 · 29/05/2022 11:04

@erinaceus I've been considering the copper coil anyway and I've read it's the best type of emergency contraceptive? Would my GP get me in quicker if I said it was for emergency contraception? As the wait for a coil fitting is about a month at my GP! Can I take the morning after pill along with my normal pill they won't counter act each other? Thank you

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erinaceus · 29/05/2022 12:17

I'm not a medic so I don't know about taking the MAP when you are taking regular contraception. A pharmacist should know though, so you could go there and ask. You would need to let your GP know that you need emergency contraception in order for them to consider scheduling you sooner, or is there a sexual health clinic near you you could ask?

leopardlover87 · 29/05/2022 16:34

@erinaceus thank you. I went and got the MAP from sainsburys pharmacy for £10. I've also got a number to ring tomorrow to see if I can get the copper coil fitted asap as I wanted it anyway x

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