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Does this test look positive?

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B19907 · 10/03/2022 13:23


My period is 5 days late and I took a test at lunchtime today at work, there seems to be a very faint blue line. This is just the cheapest test from sainsburys so could be faulty, but i wanted a second opinion.


Does this test look positive?
Does this test look positive?
OP posts:
3001signon · 10/03/2022 14:48

Were the pics taken in the time to read the test by?
If so I can see a line so tentative congratulations Flowers

ClariceQuiff · 10/03/2022 18:51

Definitely a line there Flowers

B19907 · 11/03/2022 08:08

@3001signon yes it was. I'm a bit nervous as I took two more of the same tests this morning using first wee of the day in the hopes it would be stronger, but they've both come back negative - do you think this could be a false positive?

OP posts:
Sunshineandrainbow · 11/03/2022 08:11

Definitely a line. Has your period been late before?

B19907 · 11/03/2022 08:25

@ClariceQuiff thanks for your reply, I'm glad I'm not going crazy! I've had two negative tests this morning, do you think it could've been a false positive?

OP posts:
B19907 · 11/03/2022 08:29

@Sunshineandrainbow yes, it's not particularly regular with when it comes, but I've been using an app for the past few months and the app is usually accurate in predicting when I'm due on. I just don't know what to think after two negative tests this morning but still no blood! Sad

OP posts:
Mummaof2at38 · 21/04/2022 18:21

Get an early detection one. They are more expensive but pretty accurate!
that’s definitely a line.

Margo34 · 30/06/2022 20:25

Get a pink dye test, much better

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