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Implant feels like it's poking me/ digging in

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Fategg01 · 12/02/2022 21:15

I got my first implant on Monday, bruised up which I expected
However, now I feel it digging into me and poking sensation which really hurts! I'm scared to move my arm at this point

Is this normal while healing it should I be concerned? Anyone had similar?
Thank you 😊

OP posts:
extractorfactor · 12/02/2022 21:19

Sorry I don't know OP, but I'll bump the thread for you, and hopefully someone will be along in a minute to help.

Namechangedone · 12/02/2022 21:22

I have never been able to feel any of mine, I would definitely get that checked out

HalfShrunkMoreToGo · 12/02/2022 21:24

When I got mine replaced last year it felt like that for a few weeks but then it settled in and stopped pinching when I moved my arm.

mightbeyesmightbeno · 12/02/2022 21:25

Sometimes whilst the healing is taking place, the tissue inside your arm can feel a little tight. But it should feel like digging in. If it doesn't settle (you shouldnt be able to feel it at all once healed) then I'd get it checked.

Fategg01 · 12/02/2022 21:27

Thank you for the replies.
I'll give it until Monday and see how it is. Just feels like someone is digging a needle into me and a stinging sensation after. I just assumed it was normal but pain is getting worse.
Thanks again all

OP posts:
Babadook76 · 12/02/2022 21:29

Mine felt like that for the first few weeks

PleaseReferToMeAsBritneySpears · 12/02/2022 21:33

I've had three. They've all felt like that for a month or so. I can't remember exactly how long, but it surprised me it was a while. They all settled down.

TotheletterofthelawTHELETTER · 12/02/2022 21:42

I’ve had 3, the first 2 I wasnt aware of at all. The last one bloody hurt for months. Every time I bent my arm to take a drink or whatever I would get a really sharp stabbing feeling. I went back to family planning after 2 weeks and they said as it was in a new site it would feel uncomfortable and to go back after 3 months if I was still getting the pain. Think it stopped after about a month and no issues with it now.

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