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Can not get implant removed

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crazycatgal · 25/01/2022 17:49

I originally had the contraceptive implant put in 4 years ago at my GP surgery. 1 year ago I went for a refit and replace at the sexual health service.

DP and I have decided that we would like to TTC soon. I contacted the sexual health clinic who now no longer offer appointments after 4pm or Saturday appointments. They can offer one appointment (earliest availability) at the end of March which is during the day. I am unlikely to be able to attend this because I am a teacher and it is unlikely this will be approved.

I've then contacted my GP who say 'we do not insert or remove implants any more.' They suggested that I contact the sexual health service and see if they will refer me to gynae to get this removed.

I do not know what to do. I will not be given time out of work to attend a 'routine' appointment, is it unreasonable of me to expect that I should be able to have the implant removed by my GP?

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loloballlolo · 25/01/2022 17:50

could you write to your GP practice manager to ask if they would make an exception? you could even cite side effects from it to make it sound even more urgent.

Whattochoosenow · 25/01/2022 17:52

Can you offer to make up the hours at work if you take time off?

Overthinker84 · 25/01/2022 17:56

If you're a teacher and the earliest is March could you go in the Easter Holidays?

Echobelly · 25/01/2022 17:58

Ugh, you have my sympathies - these services are getting amalgamated and cut so they're less and less accessible.

When I first got an implant, you could get it done at a surgery 5 mins away by car. Then the local sexual health services were taken over by another trust and all bookings were closed for several weeks while it was handed over (just when I needed it done) and the only clinics that did it were significantly further away in very limited week day timeslots.

The last time I had it done, I had to go all the way into central London (I live in an outer suburb) for it! I hope you can find a solution - I can see you might not want to let your employer know you're trying for a baby (not that it should make any difference to how you are treated) but can you say you really need a medical appointment and there is no out of work hours availability?

RuthW · 25/01/2022 17:58

If your gp surgery says they don't do it that means they can't do it. Maybe the person trained to do them has left or is ill. We are in the same situation at work. It's not a service gps have to offer

MrsTimRiggins · 25/01/2022 18:01


If you're a teacher and the earliest is March could you go in the Easter Holidays?

This seems to be the best solution.
LynnThese4reSEXPEOPLE · 25/01/2022 18:01

It's a 10 minute appointment and it's none of your work's business why you are going to the doctor. I would just tell them it is important and you can't miss the appointment. They will have to cover you for an hour. If you got sick they'd have to cover several days. They are not allowed to pry, and to be honest, it's not like you can have more than one implant removed!

crazycatgal · 25/01/2022 18:03

Thank you for the replies so far, feel a little bit fed up and teary at the moment, so I appreciate the replies.

In terms of holidays, I've already asked about the Easter holidays but those dates aren't available to book yet. I'm going to call every week and hopefully when they are released I will be able to get one.

OP posts:
jackiebenimble · 25/01/2022 18:11

Its exactly the same for the coil. Happy
To put it in at the gp. Its taken me a year to get it out. I also got royally fed up!

crazycatgal · 25/01/2022 18:14


Its exactly the same for the coil. Happy
To put it in at the gp. Its taken me a year to get it out. I also got royally fed up!

I definitely wouldn't be tempted to get either method after this. Happy to put things in but then you can't get them removed.
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