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Family planning

Acne and contraception and hormones

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Twopandemicpregnancies · 18/01/2022 22:38

Had acne since I was 9 years old. Has improved at various points with different contraceptive pills (over a 20 year period before having first baby) but also triggered by stress, diet, climate, and improved or worsened by other medication and skincare.

During both pregnancies my skin has been shocking for the first half of the pregnancy and then amazing for the second half. Also amazing during that most intense phase of breastfeeding. So what hormones are most dominant during second half of pregnancy and on demand newborn breastfeeding? Can I artificially create these by taking the right contraceptive hormones now that I think I might have finally figured out the secret hormone mix?

I don’t want more kids and I will be 40 when my second is born, so heading towards menopause in the next 5-10 years I guess, in case that is relevant.

Or should I just get off the hormonal birth control completely, which seems like many people are doing these days - regulate my hormones through diet etc (don’t know much about this method but intrigued to learn more if there are any endocrinologists on here or anyone can recommend a good book?)


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