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Bleeding after Marina coil?

17 replies

goodlucksoonplease · 18/12/2021 15:03

I had the Marina(sp?) coil fitted 5 weeks ago. I've bled every day since , it's awful!! I had it fitted at the end of my first PP period (baby is 12 weeks) and didn't expect to bleed this much or this long. I'm anaemic as it is!
Has anyone had the same experience and did it settle?

OP posts:
DramaAlpaca · 18/12/2021 15:05

It's very common to bleed for a while after you've had the Mirena put in. It'll settle down eventually.

goodlucksoonplease · 18/12/2021 19:14

I hope so as it's really getting me down Sad

OP posts:
Mooey89 · 18/12/2021 19:17

No advice but to say same here! Week 3 and still bleeding. Hoping it settles soon!

WhenSheWasBad · 18/12/2021 19:20

It can take a while to settle down.

Definitely give it a bit longer. Still bleeding at 5 weeks is kind of normal.
Is it heavy bleeding, or light ish but very annoying?

goodlucksoonplease · 18/12/2021 19:22

It's quite heavy, when I stand up I can feel it flood out Sad it varies from bright red to brown and back again. Just feel so unclean all the time! x

OP posts:
WhenSheWasBad · 18/12/2021 22:05

That sucks goodluck

It should settle down. It might be worth talking to your fitter. They might be able to prescribe extra progesterone to reduce the bleeding.

Is this when your period would normally occur? First few periods post Mirena are often heavier than normal. After 3 to 6 months your periods should be much much lighter than normal (possibly stopped altogether).

Good luck with it.

Talipesmum · 18/12/2021 22:12

Same here - it slowed right down after about 6 -7 weeks and I’ve had very light intermittent bleeds since, more or less when I should have my period, and a bit in between, but very light.

You can wear tampons, if that helps? No reason why not, if you would normally wear them.

goodlucksoonplease · 18/12/2021 22:29

No it's not been when my period should be, it's just been constant Sad I can't seem to feel any strings either and DP is too squeamish too check for me while I'm bleeding! 🤦🏻‍♀️

OP posts:
Thirtytimesround · 18/12/2021 22:31

Bled constantly for 3 months then had it taken out.

Not a fan of the Mirena!!

CantThinkOfaUserNameAgain · 18/12/2021 22:35

I bled for 11 long weeks was on the verge of asking for it to be removed. And then it stopped. That was a year ago and have only bled once since for a few days.

Holothane · 18/12/2021 23:10

I bled five months had a year of agony pain, in the end I walked into a and e two months later removed no problem since. I hope your bleeding stops soon hugs.

Talipesmum · 18/12/2021 23:54

I can’t feel strings either but I had a 6 week check and she found them (eventually!). It really did suddenly just stop.

goodlucksoonplease · 18/12/2021 23:58

@Talipesmum did you bleed quite heavily for a while too?

OP posts:
Talipesmum · 19/12/2021 00:18

Fairly much continuous, sometimes heavy and sometimes light, but it didn’t really stop for at least 6 weeks. It varied between “same as my period in full flow” to “had to wear a thin pad all day and change it once or twice”. The nurse said to expect plenty of flow for up to 12 weeks, but that it often calms down before then.

It’s been great since it stopped - it’s still a little unreliable and I’ll sometimes get a day or two of light blood when it’s not period time, but i basically haven’t needed tampons since. And no pain at all throughout the whole process - not that I ever used to get much anyway tbh. Do you have a check up at any point? I found that quite reassuring as I had no hope of feeling the string.

Talipesmum · 19/12/2021 00:21

I think the idea is the mirena coil doesn’t allow the womb lining to form very thickly, and the small amount of hormone in there encourages it all to go away. So all the flow at the start is the womb lining being shed, and when it’s eventually done its thing, there’s not much left to come out (and not much more can form again) so the flow just stops. That’s how I remember the explanation anyway.

goodlucksoonplease · 19/12/2021 13:36

So do you think this heavy bleeding is normal and will stop eventually?

OP posts:
Topseyt · 20/12/2021 19:03

I bled heavily for over a year with the mirena in place. I wouldn't have kept it so long, but I had it put in in December 2019. In the early part of 2020 I wanted to have it removed, but doctors kept up with the mantra "give it more time", and then suddenly we were in lockdowns and I felt trapped!!

It was January 2021 when I virtually haemhorraged, so I put my foot down and absolutely insisted it was taken out. They finally did remove it. I will never have another one. I am 55 now, and have fairly recently finished a 6 month course of Zoladex injections in the hope that, just maybe, they will have tipped my rather stubborn ovaries into menopause.

I am another who isn't a fan of the mirena coil. It does seem to work for some and not for others. It wasn't for me.

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