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Fuzzyduckduckyfuzz · 16/12/2021 12:24

Hi all looking for some advice. Started desomono mini pill in June. It caused vaginal burning, thrush and uti symptoms and then urethritis. Seriously miserable few weeks. I was told it can't be the pill by one gp and was treated for thrush and had all Sti checks. I was also tested for early menopause - I am 41. Eventually, another gp told me to stop taking it and we would try another. Symptoms started to ease straight after stopping and completely stopped once I had a period and my cycle returned to normal. I was then prescribed destrogen and I seem to have got on ok with that for the first three weeks until last week the symptoms started to return. I can't go on like this again for weeks I have severe health anxiety on top of that and this has created that to rear it's ugly head. I have tried taking ovestin simultaneously but it hasn't helped.

I'm unable to take combined pill because of migraines.

This is taking over my life I have finally met the most amazing man and I just want to be able to have a lovely sex life 😔 any advice appreciated

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