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How were you first couple of weeks after Mirena fitting?

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Suzysuz · 13/11/2021 19:43

I had my first Modena coil fitting on Thursday, for heavy painful and clotty periods so giving this a try.... ๐Ÿคž

Fitted on day 1, it kind of ground my period to a halt, thought maybe body just in shock or something, since then it's been just small blood flow, couple small clots only, no excruciating cramps but lower lever cramping which is a bit more constant.

Also my strings feel very long.... I'll see when period ends (if - depending on how adapting/bleeding goes etc) if cervix maybe sits higher up so they won't seem so long?

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usernamenumber636274 · 13/11/2021 20:08

Are you due to have it checked a month or so after insertion (they can check strings). For me I went back for a check and mine were cut too short so was told I likely wouldn't be able to find them myself...

It literally stopped my period straight away and haven't had one since other than occasions spotting. My periods weren't as heavy as yours though... I didn't even bleed after having it inserted - and I've had it twice. I can't remember much about the first coil I had because it was a long time ago!

Suzysuz · 13/11/2021 20:32

Thank you! There was no follow up but I can book back in if any issues, I figured I'd see how the strings felt in a couple of weeks and may go back for a trim!
That's really useful re flow straight after ๐Ÿ‘

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