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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and RPOC

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Ronnie211097 · 08/11/2021 09:43

Hello again

I have made a post a couple of weeks back of me basically talking about getting the copper IUD fitted following a surgical termination at 13 weeks and experiencing really heavy bleeding around 8 weeks after the procedure. In that thread I also mentioned that the Dr found some tissue around the coil and at the bottom of the uterus which turned out to be RPOC, hence the excessive bleeding and anxiety.

Fast forward a few weeks later, I had the coil removed on Wednesday last week and had a followup scan on Monday last week, too. The scan showed that the retained products went down in size by a half (was 4.9cm now it is around 2.2cm) and I have nothing insidious happening inside me apart from that tiny bit of tissue that is causing me a lot of misery. The Dr basically told me that I should wait for my next period and see if it passes naturally, otherwise I will be referred to have the D&C procedure. Easy to say, as I have no idea when/if I am on my period as the bleeding has been consistent with days where the blood is gushing, period-like and spotting.

I stopped taking norethisterone on Thursday and on Saturday I had pretty intense cramps, followed by a heavy bleed where I passed I think tissue and clots. The bleeding since has subsided but only because I have asked for tranexamic acid which I am taking until tomorrow. I am feeling more and more defeated as there is no sign of this ever ending and my next scan is on 6 December to see if it all has passed.

I am considering going on the combined contraceptive to at least stop the bleeding associated with RPOC but I am not sure if anyone else had experienced something like this? I am feeling extremely depressed, and it feels as though we have lost the closeness between myself and my DH seeing as I have bled for about a month now, and my mental health has massively deteriorated meaning I'm snappy, wake up crying and just generally can't really handle this constant bleeding anymore. I am 24 and this is not how I imagined my youth.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the lengthy post.

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Ronnie211097 · 08/11/2021 17:55

Bumping for the evening.

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