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Copper IUD hell - excessive bleeding

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Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 08:53

Has anyone experienced really heavy heavy - I mean trickling down your leg bright red blood - and large clots bleeding whilst having the copper IUD? I went to A&E twice and it was only upon the second visit, I was actually transferred over to the gynaecology department for a check up. My GP did not want to refer me because she thought I was just panicking and it was the effects of the copper IUD.

I had a surgical termination about 10 weeks ago, and I was pregnant with twins. I had the copper IUD fitted during the same appointment and I was assured all was well and I could go home. I bled for about a week, then had two bleeds that resembled a period but nothing insane or painful.

On Wednesday 13 October, I started bleeding insanely heavy. No pain or discomfort just bright red blood that would keep going on and on and on soaking through maxi pads fairly quickly. Upon the second visit to the A&E, the gynaecologist examined me and my pelvic came back fine, he did say my bleeding was unusual and I had large clots but my uterus felt okay and I wasn’t in any pain. I had an transvaginal scan which showed the copper IUD was in place but I had a lot of tissue around the copper coil and some blood clots possibly on the bottom of my uterus. The gynaecologist ruled out fibroids, cancer and anything else serious and prescribed me tranexamic acid alongside norethisterone to stop the bleeding.

The bleeding has massively reduced, no longer passing clots and I can actually function without having to hold my crotch area in fear of leaking.

I’ve got another scan in a week to confirm all is fine. Has anyone else had experienced anything like this and if so, what was it?

I’m so afraid I will come off the meds and the bleeding will restart. I’m only 24 and this is causing me a lot of anxiety and depression.

Many thanks.

OP posts:
brittleheadgirl · 23/10/2021 09:06

I had a copper coil but had to have it removed after a few months as the bleeding was unbearable!
I went from having regular very light periods, to erratic, horrendously heavy ones with dreadful pain once my coil had been put in.
Sorry to hear you're suffering op Thanks

ThirdElephant · 23/10/2021 09:08

Copper coils do increase bleeding- it's a recognised side effect and one reason I went for a mirena instead.

You could have the copper out and a mirena in?

Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 09:43

@ThirdElephant i think I’m going to go for the mirena, even advised by my gynaecologist. I’m going to wait for the scan first I think, and then book myself in to have this evil thing taken out and opt for the mirena.

OP posts:
Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 09:44

@brittleheadgirl I can’t believe how bad it’s gotten!! If it weren’t for the medication, I’m sure I’d have bled out by now.

Did you opt for the mirena coil instead?

OP posts:
brittleheadgirl · 23/10/2021 10:12

No, we returned to using condoms! About a year later I ended up having to have a hysterectomy, so that obviously solved the contraception issue Confused

brittleheadgirl · 23/10/2021 10:13

The bleeding was hideous, I really feel for you. I vividly remember my body seemed to be trying to reject it the whole time it was inside me, just awful!

BalancingStick · 23/10/2021 10:29

The heavy bleeding does settle down. I went for copper over Mirena as I wanted zero level of hormone in my contraception. The bleeding in the first few months was shocking. I also considered getting it removed. After nine months it went to a normal level of blood. Not as light as pre- coil but absolutely normal and manageable.

Squashpocket · 23/10/2021 10:38

Yes, it gave me horrendous, heavy periods, 9 or 10 days long with ridiculous flooding for at least 2 of those days. I would get it taken out ASAP. I had a mirena but unfortunately it gave me terrible back and ovary pain (still don't know why, GP didn't care). I know loads of people love it though.

The older I get the more contraceptive options seem to be off the table, it's a bloody nightmare. Hope you get it sorted x

Squashpocket · 23/10/2021 10:39

Oh and I had the copper coil for over a year with no improvement in bleeding, so it doesn't always settle down. I suffered for too long hoping it would tbh.

Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 20:23

@Squashpocket Oh gosh... this copper thing is not giving anyone any favours. I am so happy to see that it works for some women, and it does work for a friend of mine, but unfortunately this thing is causing hell in my body. My bleeding was insanely heavy, sort of like an open wound and passing large clots in the morning as I rarely bled overnight. It lasted a week until I was given tranexamic acid and norethisterone to stop the bleeding. I still get occasional spotting but I am no longer bleeding out. I am seriously going to take out the coil after my scan next week because I am not going to put up with this bleeding any longer. I might give my body a break for a month or so and consider the Mirena.... x

OP posts:
Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 20:26

@BalancingStick What was your bleeding like? Mine was like an open wound, not even exaggerating. It was just pouring down with insanely large clots.

I am not sure I can wait this long for it to settle down as it is causing me so much anxiety and I have had 0 luck with contraceptives. The implant used to make me bleed for 2 months straight when I had it in. I am going to take out this copper coil and consider the Mirena, but I might give my body a little break to get back to normal as I am sure my termination had a major impact, too. x

OP posts:
Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 20:54

@brittleheadgirl I honestly could not believe that I could bleed that much and not die... I am going to have it taken out for sure and give mu body a break for a month before going back on the Mirena coil or maybe the pill. I have no idea!! Why do we have to suffer so much as women? Sad

OP posts:
changeonameo · 23/10/2021 20:56

Yeah, the copper coil was absolute hell for me. Insanely heavy, painful periods. I had it removed in the end. What a relief. I've never been bothered by a period since because they're so easy in comparison!

seb342 · 23/10/2021 21:00

I've had mine for 2 years and what you are experiencing doesn't sound right. Yes my periods were a bit heavier for the first few months but not like you describe. In my workplace at least 13 women have the copper coil and I've never heard anything like this from them. I'd contact your GP and don't let them fob you off, you know your own body better than anyone else and know if something is wrong.

BalancingStick · 23/10/2021 21:04

Mine felt like a constant heavy flow. With the large clots. I very nearly gave up on it. It was a friend who told me it would get better that enabled me to persist. I'm glad I did. It gives me no bother now at all. The flow was so heavy at one point that I bled all over a chair I was sitting on Blush... and this was at work! I can understand why people give up on the copper coil and get it taken out but in my experience if you can make it through the first few months it does get better. Although I'm pretty sure mine is the reason to m getting recurrent thrush now so might get it taken out for that (GP is adamant it isn't the cause but I'm clueless as to what else could be the cause!)

Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 21:08

@BalancingStick Oh no... I totally feel you and empathise. I could not stand up straight for longer than 10 seconds because the flow was so heavy. I think I leaked through my clothing 3 times in that space of time. If it were not for the medication, I am pretty sure I would still be going with the bleeding - it felt like it was never going to end. Did you see anyone about the bleeding? How long did it last for you?

I have also been told by my GP and a nurse that the coil can cause recurrent thrush in women that are more susceptible to it. Sad I am sorry this is happening to you. Why is being a woman so challenging at times?

OP posts:
Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 21:09

@seb342 I thought something was not right with the bleeding. Like you say, my friend has it and her period was on the heavier side but nothing like what I had. I have a scan in just over a week to confirm all is well but I am dead set on having this thing out. I suppose it just isn't the method of contraception for me! I seem to be very sensitive to anything, really. I will see what the gynaecologist advises, though. Just want this period of anxiety and hell over.

OP posts:
GreenLunchBox · 23/10/2021 21:10

Mine made me bleed so heavily that I bled the coil out.

Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 21:13

@GreenLunchBox blessing in disguise? Mine is in place, but I wish I bled it out tbh! Confused

OP posts:
GreenLunchBox · 23/10/2021 21:19

I guess, but it could have gone so wrong as I might not have noticed it in amongst all the massive blood clots Confused

Yes, you need to get rid...I can't imagine it settling down before you become very anaemic

WinoAnon · 23/10/2021 21:19

Mine were heavier and I leaked quite a lot but it settled and I'm happy now. It was a dramatic Chang as mine were light before but I was prepared for it and I really didn't want hormonal contraception as I'd tried three different types and they really affected my sex drive and the implant made me bleed non stop for months!

So I found it quite miserable but it was worth persevering for.

In saying all of that though YOUR experience sounds extreme and I would have requested it was removed. Even if it settled it sounds like they'd still be very heavy each month and it's not good for you to bleed so heavily for ten days per month.

I hope you find a contraceptive that works for you, it's a shitty trial and error unfortunately.

Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 21:38

@GreenLunchBox were you given a reason as to why it was so heavy? Was your body just rejecting it?

OP posts:
Ronnie211097 · 23/10/2021 21:39

@WinoAnon I am glad to read that it is working for you without having any major side effects! My periods naturally without any contraception are short, sweet and semi-painful. I found that with the implant, I bled for about four weeks then stopped for three and it was a vicious cycle.

I am going to go for my scan next week to confirm all is fine up there and remove the coil. Probably request the Mirena or whatever my gynaecologist advises. I just want this hell to be over, it is causing me so much anxiety!

OP posts:
FinallyGotAnIPhone · 23/10/2021 21:43

I’ve had mine for 2 years I think now and I think possibly during the last two periods they have been slightly lighter, but otherwise before that it has been very heavy, ie for 24 hours, going through super plus tampons in an hour then bleeding onto pad, huge clots etc. Not pleasant.

WinoAnon · 23/10/2021 21:47

Mirena's promise of no periods and no remembering to take a pill is like an upgrade on womanhood 😂 I just wish the hormones didn't affect me as much I was like a different person when I had the implant removed.

Good luck op I hope your scan is fine!

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